5 – Top 5 Features of Grand Theft Auto 5


So this week the new Grand Theft Auto game came out, GTA V, which cost over 260 million dollars to make which is a bigger budget than a lot of blockbuster films. Over the last 2 years this is the second video game I have bought as I have got bored of all the repackaged COD and Battlefield games so it takes a good game for me to decide to buy it. From the start it is a really engaging and vast open world game with a great new plot despite it being a controversial game.

But anyway seeing as this post is the fifth post on the blog and the game is the fifth instalment of the series I thought I would do a top 5 features list of the game.

5. Realism and Satire

The game includes a parody of the real world IPhone as the IFruit. But the parodies do not stop there as the game includes in car radio, television channels to watch, the stock market and social networks like Bleeter and Life Invader to access anytime among much more.

Citizens of the city will walk around the city on their mobiles, walk they’re dogs, go on jogs and bike rides and even when witnessing a crime whip out they’re smart phone and video the events which they send to the police. The whole world feels very realistic but at the same time there is an element of satire, especially with fictional characters Jock Cranley and Sue Murry who are mock representatives of the democratic and republican parties in the U.S.

4. The Mechanics


From driving to using weapons and flying planes feel more fluid than in the earlier games and much more accessible to people who may be new to the series. There is even tennis, golf, flight schools, scuba diving, yoga and cycling to do if the missions do not excite you enough. Which brings me onto

3. The Plot


Since the first GTA game where the decision was made to play as the villains rather than the heroes as the producers thought it would be more fun each game has focussed on the lives of different criminals trying to make it to the top of the crime world and overcoming the local police force. This game is no different but makes the missions within the game much more interesting by adding heist missions. These heists are reminiscent of films such as Heat, Die Hard and other famous crime films. The plot is dark and you can understand why many people have been against the series but there is a lot of drama and action and as a player it is incredibly fun to play through.

2. The Map


As soon as you start the game it is clear there has been a lot of work been done on the fictional city of Los Santos in which the game is set. The city is inspired of Los Angeles in america and it really does look and feel vibrant and bright. This has been achieved through great lighting, brilliant water and sea effects and far draw distances. It’s not the biggest game world ever made but it is one of the most detailed and best looking worlds.

1. Sandbox


By far one of the best things about the game and the series is the sandbox type gameplay where you as the player are free to do anything you want within the world and in this game there is more to do than ever before. I have only actually been on the game for a couple of hours so far but I already think it’s pretty brilliant and can’t wait to play some more of it.


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