9 – Match on Action, Shot/Reverse Shot, 180 degree rule, Hot Fuzz and Friends

For the start of our preliminary exercise we must investigate what 3 key terms mean, match on action, shot/reverse shot and the 180 degree rule.

Match on action:

Match on action is where continuous action goes between 1 or more cuts between shots. So in the first shot a character may start a movement then in the next shot this movement is carried on and possible finished. This enables continuity from one shot to the next. An example of this can be seen below.

Shot/reverse shot:

A shot reverse shot tends to be seen between two characters in a scene. There is a total of 2 different shot positions, each one looks at one of the characters, these tend to be over the shoulder and POV showing that each character is looking at the other character. In the following example below there are more shots used however there after 0:13 there is a mid, over the shoulder shot viewing one character that then cuts to a close up followed by a mid, over the shoulder of the other character, which then cuts back to the original mid shot.

180 degree rule:

hot fuzz

The 180 degree rule is if you imagined an axis drawn between objects in a scene. The rule then means that you should only film the objects from one side (180 degrees) and to film from the other side would disorientate the audience. I have drawn the image above which represents the hot fuzz clip. All the camera angles are from the same side of the room.

The hot fuzz scene can also show match on action at around 2:01 where the chief inspector walks into the room, there are around 4 shots which are continuous from when he opens the door to when he sits down.

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