11 – Have you tried turning it off and on again?


The IT Crowd was a sitcom written by Graham Lineham who also wrote Father Ted and ran for 4 series. It was quite successful due to bizarre characters and events that happened in the show and propelled it’s stars into fame, especially Chris O’Dowd who has starred in a couple of big american comedy films and Richard Ayoade who directed his own film Submarine in 2010.

The last series was 3 years ago and there was always rumours of another series coming soon however because of how busy the cast have been it never quite happened. The writers still wanted closure for the characters though so a special one hour episode which aired the other week.

As a fan of the show I was looking forward to this episode a lot and when I watched the first half of the episode despite it feeling very in tune with the original series and having a couple of laughs it just wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be. Gradually though there was more references and gags that related back to old episodes and old characters returned albeit briefly.

Even though there was such a long gap since the last series aired the characters felt the same and there was little awkwardness and actually some of the jokes were some of the funniest I’ve seen in the show especially an incident where Roy offends a small person who is then hit by a van with two massive breasts on the front and consequently is named a small person racist.

However what made the episode special for me was a brief moment where the characters are in the midst of the story and Roy stops for a minute and asks the other characters, Moss and Jen, wherever they thought some of the things that have happened to them are normal. In this way it is questioning the reality of the show and almost breaking the fourth wall. I haven’t really seen any other sitcom do this and I found it a brilliant moment.

Although possibly just as brilliant is that the show fittingly ended on its ongoing catchphrase try turning it off and on again followed by Moss turning off the lights in the basement where most of the show was set. Albeit a simple ending but it definitely was worth them filming it and it was a fitting ending to a great show.

The following clip is my favourite moment from the show. There was also a nod to this in the last episode which was also hilarious.


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