27 – Camerawork Shot Types Video blog

In this post I have filmed myself in the following types of shot:

  • Extreme close up – Only one specific object or part of a character will be seen. This is because the camera is very close or zoomed into the focus of the shot.
  • Close up – The shot will be filmed close to a characters face or object. However shows more of an object or person than an extreme close up.
  • Mid Shot – There is a balance between the objects or people in the foreground and the background of the shot.
  • Two Shot – Two characters are seen in the frame at the same time.
  • Over the shoulder shot – A shot that contains a character’s shoulder and the side of their head. 
  • POV Shot – This is any type of shot that is filmed in the perspective of a character within the scene. Hence point of view.
  • Reaction Shot – This shot tends to follow another event within the scene. It also tends to be fairly close up on a particular character or characters faces to show their facial expression (and reaction) in response to the event before it.
  • Establishing Shot – A shot that is often a wide shot and introduces a certain area or location to the audience. It is often wide as that allows the audience to see as much of the area being established as possible.
  • Wide Shot – In a wide shot there is more of a focus on the background in the scene rather than the foreground. A wide shot can show a larger area and include much more than just a particular character or object.
  • Super wide shot – A super wide shot is very much like a wide shot but much further away and is not likely to show characters but is more likely to show a location instead. For example there could be a super wide shot of a city scape to establish the setting of the film.
  • Dutch tilt – This can be used for any shot and is simple tilting the camera so that it is not horizontal to the action of the screen and at an angle instead.

This is my first attempt at videoing myself so it might be rubbish but here it is below:


2 comments on “27 – Camerawork Shot Types Video blog

  1. 08keyl says:

    Ben this is the cutest thing ever :’)

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