30 – Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat is a sitcom about university students in Manchester and is currently showing on Channel 4. The show is currently in the middle of it’s third series and personally I’ve been watching since last year.

Fresh Meat cast

When the first series was shown I didn’t really give it a try but at the time I had BT vision which provided free boxsets of TV shows. Eventually the first series became available and I think because I was very bored one day I decided to give it a shot. I must have ended up watching the whole first series in one day as I just couldn’t stop myself from watching it. I became a fan almost instantly.

Now the reason I enjoyed it so much is most likely down to the writers and the cast. The show was created and co written by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain who also created Peep Show which is another one of my favourite shows. So from the start there was a pull for me as I had already watched Peep Show and loved it. Jesse Armstrong has also wrote for one of my other favourite comedies, The Thick of It on the BBC. I think this show is probably better written than Peep Show was as there are so many prominent characters and each one of them are so different and all equally funny. It must be difficult to create a whole set of completely unique characters and they pull it off so well in this series. The chemistry between all the characters is also hiliarious and yet again a credit to their writing.


The cast include comedy performer Jack Whitehall, The Inbetweeners star Joe Thomas, Zawe Ashton, Greg McHugh, Kimberley Nixon and Charlotte Richie. Jack Whitehall is perfect for his role as I don’t think he’s really acting too much and his character is basically a version of himself. As I am also a big Inbetweeners fan Joe Thomas is a great pull factor for me to watch the show, however his character is basically the same character from the Inbetweeners. Which is good really as I love his character in the Inbetweeners anyway. The rest of the main cast are all hilarious but I would have to say that Greg McHugh’s character Howard is the most original as he play’s a socially introverted but narcissistic computer geek and every line he says is pure genius.


However there is also some great guest actors including Robert Webb as a rather desperate and dreadful Geology teacher who is trying a bit too hard to connect with his students and as I mentioned in The Escape Artist post Tony Gardner plays a teacher who has an affair with one of the cast. Both are great additions to the cast but my main criticism would be that we possibly see too much of Tony Gardner who is in almost every episode and too little of Robert Webb who has appeared in about 3 episodes so far.

Also the whole show is shot in a very pleasing way and with a distinct style, this coupled with great writing and familiar comedy actors and great upcoming actors and actresses make Fresh Meat a very enjoyable show to watch.

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