37 – Reservoir Dogs Recreation Planning

Over the last week the media group was divided, girls in one team, boys in the other. A task was given to us to recreate the opening titles of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. This is the scene where the main cast are walking down the street to the song “Little Green Bag” by the George Baker Selection. Personally I was quite excited for this task as it is a really cool scene to recreate. The clip can be seen below.

Each member of the team was assigned a role. As I was the only person in the group I assumed the storyboard artist role. I started drawing these storyboards with a sense of worry as we only had a few days till the day we were filming and a lot needed to be storyboarded. This is when I realised that the scenario of recreating a scene that already exists is a rare opportunity and that the storyboard could essentially be a series of screenshots of the original video allowing for less chance of there being radical difference between our shot and the original.

The rest of the group had to organise locations and liaison with the other group on which locations to use, there as also members of the group who were in charge of costumes and of course a producer, director and camera operator.

The producers is the person who runs the whole production and managers everything from finance to overseeing the filming and distributing the film. The director is then in charge of the filming and will most likely over see both pre and post production, the director usually has the creative control over the film whereas the producer is more managing how the film is made and how it will be distributed. There could be other roles that are specific to managing certain aspects of the film like audio, cinematography, costume, locations, casting and more. Then of course there will be storyboard artists, concept artists and writers.


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