39 – The Amazing Spiderman 2 Trailer

A few weeks ago now I did a blog about The Amazing Spiderman, a reboot directed by Mark Webb this can be seen here: https://08stockdaleb.wordpress.com/2013/11/02/19-why-does-spiderman-use-bing/ and now Mark Webb is back to direct the sequel which is imaginatively called The Amazing Spiderman 2. This week a trailer was realeased for this film which I have embedded below.

I had mixed views of the first film, it was interesting enough but a little cheesy. The trailer for the sequel though makes it look like there is less of that. There seems to be a lot of action in this film, or at least that is mainly what is shown in the trailer. It reminded me a lot of the recent Captain America trailer, they even both start with the main character skydiving without a parachute. That’s probably more because there are so many superhero films coming out at the moment that a lot of films are starting to mimic each other until there are no more original superhero stories left to tell. But even so the action scenes look pretty awesome and definitely a step up from the last film.

Now a lot of people in the comment sections of the trailer seem to be making a fuss about Jamie Foxx who turns up as electro at the end. I for one think he looks cool but I don’t think he’s that impressive and actually I bet he is the kind of character who they will build up as the big main villain but then towards the end it’ll turn out he’s not it’s actually someone who you previously thought was on spiderman’s side(a.k.a The Dark Knight Rises).

If that is the case then my bet is that it will be my personal favourite part of the trailer. Harry Osborn. Harry Osborn is played by Dane Dehaan and in this trailer I found myself really intrigued by him. He has a mysterious side to him and says a couple of really catchy lines. His acting style seems to perfect for this film and I can see his role as acting as an equal to Peter. Also he will eventually become the green goblin and I think that it would be really interesting to see that, hopefully in a way that isn’t as cheesy as the green goblin in the original trilogy of films.

What does worry me a little bit is that there seems to be a lot of villains in this film and I don’t think that is always necessary and sometimes it just clutters up a film far too much. However maybe the film will work just fine. I seem to have a tendency at the moment to watch film trailers and then never watch the film so maybe I will never even know if the film was good or not. I suppose we’ll see in the coming months.

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  2. […] 39 – The Amazing Spiderman 2 Trailer (08stockdaleb.wordpress.com) […]

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