43 – Reservoir Dogs Filming

We had around a week to plan and organise the filming which we did today. We had 50 minutes to shoot the whole scene which may seem a lot of time but each shot needed planning and preparation that is even more prevalent than a usual video as we are attempting to precisely recreate an already existing video. Also our director didn’t turn up and neither did another member of our group so from the start we had to change plan quite quickly. This led to a bit of time being lost at the start of the lesson as we had to go and find different people to help us and star in the video.

This exercise made me realise that preparation is key to the production and even though the problems we had was no one’s fault, it might be worth making fail safe’s in the future so that if someone isn’t there then the filming can still continue smoothly. Also that there is never too much preparation to be made and when it comes to filming our main projects I think I will need to prepare a lot more than I did with this exercise.

I ended up feeling much more stressed than I thought I was going to as it is difficult to shoot without a director. The time we had felt very short which resulted in trying to get through shots very quickly which worried me a little bit as the quality may not be as good, nothing could have been done to avoid this however and the shots will probably be fine. I do think it would have been useful to have an extra 50 minutes or maybe 30 minutes just to ease some of the pressure but all will be revealed once we start editing.

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