44 – Reservoir Dogs Editing

The editing of the clip has been a fairly simple process. This is because the way I did the editing was to overlay our clips on top of the original and then set the opacity down so I could see both the original and our remake at the same time. This enabled me to adjust our version so it matches the original as much as possible. Also it was easy to know how long each shot lasts as you can simply cut it at the same time as the original video. Matching some of the footage was difficult as the shot was filmed slightly wrong so it was difficult to fix the problems just through editing.

What proved more difficult was adding the text and trying to make that as similar as possible as it’s hard to find the right font and the right movements and fades so that its like the original. This involved using keyframes where possible to match the original movement on the text. I have completed these now and I am fairly pleased with the result.

One of the main issues I have with the footage is that it’s quite obvious that we aren’t moving in the clip which I tried to find ways to correct in the editing, for instance adding artificial camera movement to create a look of real movement but this was ineffective and I gave up with that idea. I have left the footage as it was now but I am not very pleased with it. It was easier when filming though to just stay in the same place but now I think we should have had the actors walking even if it was going to be more difficult with the time constraints.

After finishing an initial draft of the clip I uploaded it to youtube and showed other people so they could help me spot mistakes. This version of the scene can be seen here:

From here I wrote up a list of key problems that needed to be changed which looked like this:

2013-12-10 21.39.08


If you find it difficult to read my handwriting the list basically details problems with the audio for instance the pitch of the music needed changing and certain clips needed muting. Also a couple of the shots were too long and needed to be adjusted. Such as the first wide shot of the group walking down the street as the clip went on just a bit too long and makes it look like there are no other people walking down the street. So I then went back to the editing and changed these and then produced a second version of the clip seen below.

As you may be able to see the key differences are the audio at the start has been adjusted so it doesn’t sound as bad as the quality of the audio in the initial clip. Also some shots have ended earlier and a major spelling mistake of Reservoir as Resevoir has been changed. This version of the clip I am more happy with however I noticed that some of the text has lost it’s outline so I will just need to quickly adjust that before the finished clip. Overall though I am happy with how the editing has gone and I think I’ve done all in my power to right some mistakes and get the best out of our footage.

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