45 – Reservoir Dogs Evaluation

So the editing is now finished and my finished clip can be seen below:

and below is the original scene from Reservoir Dogs (Quentin Tarantino, 1992):

As I said in the editing blog I am happy with the editing part of this project. I have tried really hard to use the footage our team filmed to match it to the original clip. I think the overall results was the best I could have done and I am pleased with the result as I have played both the original and mine side by side and it does seem very similar which is the only way I myself can asses the video. The only key things I notice that are wrong are possibly the colour palette and how the saturated the shots look, I did try to match the visual look as much as possible but I struggled and ran out of time so this was the best I got. Also the text doesn’t look quite as precise as I would have wanted it to but yet again I struggled to get it exactly how I wanted it.

One of my main problems with this exercise was the time limit which I don’t think our group as a whole felt comfortable working in as the planning wasn’t quite as in depth as it could have been which then along with missing group members and a late start led to the filming being very stressful and difficult to get the best results from. I myself ended up with a larger role in the filming than I initially thought I was going to and the only preparation I had done was screen caps to use as the screenshots and suddenly I had to try and choreograph some of the shots. It was a stressful 50 minutes but it could have gone worse and on reflection it probably went quite smoothly considering the initial difficulties which we did overcome but once we got into it the filming turned out alright. My main regret though is how we filmed the characters ‘walking’ as in our version they don’t walk they just bob, in slow motion, which just looks wrong.

So after the first edit was done I watched it back myself and made notes on it and then showed a further 5 people and asked them to asses it for me and point out any mistakes. This was a really useful stage of the process for me as it allowed me to see mistakes that I hadn’t even noticed and really fine tune the whole video. I then produced a second version of the clip with new corrections which has become the finished version.

Aside from the editing side of things which I have become very comfortable with it is the filming and pre production that I found most difficult. I have definitely learnt a lot by doing this task as I now realise that the preparation before filming is just as important as the filming itself, if not more, and a greater focus will be needed on this stage in the future as it felt like once the filming started the group were a bit flustered and not sure what to do. In the future I think it would be more efficient to plan the whole shoot in detail before hand and possibly draw up more storyboards so that the filming goes much more smoothly. This preparation process is only going to get harder when we start the main production exercise as we won’t have an established clip as a starting point.

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