46 – Time Travelling Home For Christmas – Scripting, Filming and Editing


Initial idea and testing:

So for Christmas this year I thought it would be fun to attempt a short film that focuses on time travel. The concept was that the film would start as a seemingly normal video blog but then I would time travel back to a previously filmed video blog and have a conversation with myself. The idea was very much inspired of themes from BBC sci fi show Doctor who and I suppose it is my attempt at referencing that but at the same time making a fun video for myself. So after I had the idea I started to wonder how to shoot the film, I worked out that you could overlay one shot over another to show two versions of myself in the same shot. So firstly I did a short test clip to test wherever or not the technique of overlaying would work which can be seen below:


I thought this test was fairly successful so then I began writing up a script which ended up being much longer than I expected it to. I have inserted some screencaps of this script below.

Screenshot_36 Screenshot_37


After this script was finished I began filming it. The filming took relatively little preparation and organising as it solely features myself. One of the main processes I used during the filming was improvisation as I am doubtful of my own acting skills and I wanted for there to be a sense of realism for the intro so the audience would think it’s a normal video blog and then the twist of the time travel part would feel unexpected (apart from the fact it will be the title of the video) and it was through improvising which is basically how I’ve done my other video blogs would make the video seem as real as possible. It was the acting that was the most challenging part of the filming as it was just myself in a room with no other actor to play off and I had to try to re-enact a conversation that was completely one sided. It was difficult and I think my acting was probably not as good as it could have been but it is a unique situation to try to act in. Also when it comes to these videos I feel most comfortable behind the camera and preferably in the edit room rather than in front of it.

Also there were certain shots where I wanted to overlay one shot over another so that there would be two of myself in the same shot. This became a problem when trying to maintain the same lighting conditions in the room. In one shot the lighting conditions had changed which really irritated me and once I noticed it was too late to re shoot it.


So following the filming which was a challenge came the editing. I started this process by making a quick first draft of the video on my home laptop then bringing this into the Mac suite at the school where I took advantage of the superior software and did all of the complicated editing that comes with trying to create a credible time travel video. Also I had a little play around with the credit sequence as well which I haven’t really used much on this software yet.

Snapshot 2 (20-12-2013 22-34)

I also applied some effects to some of the shots to try and give the effect of a ‘portal’, I tried to achieve this by putting some artificial light rays on top of the shots. This effect actually worked really effectively and I was really pleased with it.

Snapshot 1 (20-12-2013 22-34)

I also added in some text over the top of the footage to show the date at which the scene purports to be from. I did this to try make as little confusion for the audience especially as the video focuses on time travel which can often be a disorientating and confusing plot device.

Snapshot 3 (20-12-2013 22-35)

In the next post I will upload the film clip itself and a brief evaluation of how it went and how I felt about the finished clip.


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