47 – Time Travelling Home For Christmas – Finished Clip and Evaluation




I am very pleased with how the editing went with this clip as the shots with two of myself worked out really well and was actually fairly easy to do once I started. Also all the effects and graphics worked really well and looked fairly professional I think. I especially liked the credits at the end, seen below.

Snapshot 4 (20-12-2013 22-35)

I thought these credits looked very professional but my one regret is that it is essentially the default settings and I think I should have done some further changes so that it would have been more individual for the video.

Camera Work:

I think I possibly could have been more creative with the camera shots in this as I used a fairly standard shot/reverse shot with mid shots coupled with a two shot for basically the whole video. So this is an area I think I could have been more inventive with and tried to get better looking shots throughout which could have been achieved through slightly better framing and more of a variety of close ups, mid shots etc.


The lighting made some of the shots worse quality than others and I think in the future it would be better to get some more lighting equipment to light up the scene in a more interesting way. However at the time I only had the light in the centre of the room, the natural light from the window and a desk lamp so it would have been difficult to have lit it much better at the time but I possibly should have put more consideration into it.

Sound Design:

I was quite limited when it came to sound design with this piece as I didn’t have enough time to produce some professional sound effects which were lacking in the video. Also a microphone might have been useful so the dialogue was louder at certain points which would have improved the experience for people watching.

The main thing which bugs me in the video is my own acting, it’s possible that I am being very critical of myself but at times my acting seems very flat and considering my inspiration was from actors like Matt Smith and David Tennant I don’t feel like my performance has anywhere near the charisma that they demonstrate. But then again I’m not a professional actor.

I am fairly pleased with the video overall though and it was a fun project to set myself and gave me more experience as a whole of positioning the camera and trying out new editing techniques so it was definitely worth doing.

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