49 – Alive – Short Film

I set myself a challenge of filming and editing a short film within one night and this is what I came up with. I also wanted it to be 2 minutes or shorter so that I could have a bit of practice for the upcoming production task of creating a 2 minute film opening. The short film follows the life of a computer addict who feels very alone and realises that all social networking does is remind him of how lonely he is and the only positive moments in his life come through drinking coffee. It seemed like an interesting an idea to me and as social networks become more and more present in everyday life it seemed like a very relevant topic.

Also with most of my filming experience up till now has been comical so it was fun to attempt a more serious video with some form of message and good intention behind it. Also I was more conscious of how I framed the shots than ever before as I have had a fair deal of experience in the last couple of months with various tasks and projects so I’m trying harder than ever to get the best shots possible and the most interesting ones I can. I’m still learning and there’s shots in this that definitely have room for improvement but I believe doing more and more of these small projects are really helping me to prepare for the production exercise.

Also the length of time was something I was much more aware of with this project as with this film it is only just over a minute and a half but I felt like there was plenty of time to get across the information I needed to. This helped me worry less about if 2 minutes is enough time to present an interesting clip. I am fast approaching the film opening task now and this video has been a great experience for me to help figure out what can be achieved with the time limit and with more preparation I believe I can make a good quality film opening. I am proud of this video, it’s still not a brilliant standard but it has given me a lot of optimism for the future.


One comment on “49 – Alive – Short Film

  1. Good work, Ben! Very impressive! You’re going to do well, I think…

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