51 – Sherlock A Sign of Three


Sherlock episode 2 came out on Sunday and featured the wedding of John and Mary and saw Sherlock as the best man and face the seemingly overwhelming task of delivering a best man’s speech.

I’ll start by saying everything that is usually good about the Sherlock is the same in this episode so the direction, soundtrack and acting were all the same quality as usual however I had a problem with the story. During Sherlock’s speech the show kept going back to other stories. The episode felt more like a best of Sherlock presented by Benedict Cumberbatch and featuring clips of other stories instead of a fluent chronological story. Eventually all the stories were connected and lead to classic Sherlock deductions and a really brilliant scene in a court room inside Sherlock’s head where like a big game of guess who he goes through potential suspects and victims and tries to deduce what’s actually going on.


As much as I felt cheated that the episode didn’t showcase another developed hour and a half long case but just many small cases, these small cases were still fairly interesting but slightly rushed. There was a hilarious scene where John and Sherlock go on a stag do and despite Sherlock’s best efforts they get completely drunk, at which point a client comes in asking for help and the pair then proceed to try and solve the case drunk. A highlight was when Sherlock usually clever deductions that appear as white text on the screen just showed incredibly simple descriptions and then when Sherlock was sick on the crime scene. It was a really entertaining segment amongst a mediocre episode.


These segments as interesting as they were to watch just felt like they were taking us out of the story as they were so loosely connected to the eventual conclusion they may as well not have been in there. I actually started to find myself getting bored watching it which is strange when you consider that I was such a big fan of the first two series. It’s so irritating for me that I wasn’t very impressed by this episode as the way they make this show means there probably won’t be another series for another 2 years. I just hope the next episode brings back some of the magic of the show and features a fluent plot that still has loads of twists and turns but doesn’t have to keep cutting to more boring segments just to fill it’s air time.

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