52 – Tonight’s top story, Anchorman 2

Anchorman 2 sees the news team consisting of Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrel), Brick (Steve Carell), Brian (Paul Rudd) and Champ (David Koechner) regroup to host the graveyard shift of the a new 24 hour news channel. Here they change the news forever when they start running news stories that aimed to be fun rather than actually show the news. This allows the group to achieve fame and Ron becomes obsessed with getting higher and higher ratings to the cost of becoming distant from his son.


Most of the film is a set of gags that are linked by this story. But when I say a set of gags, I mean a huge amount of gags, almost every other sentence is a gag and because of the sheer amount of them some of them just don’t hit but a lot of them still do and it makes for a fun time when watching it. It was kind of awkward in the showing of the film I was in because it felt like I was often the only person laughing which made me feel really uncomfortable.


The stand out character of this film for me was Brick as almost every line he has in this film I found hilarious and they manage to take the character into new territory which is such a hilarious situation to watch. Brian Fantana and Champ Kind unfortunately don’t seem to get much air time at all in the film and don’t have very funny lines when they do which was a shame.

My favourite moments came at the end and redeemed a lot of the film that I hadn’t found very funny. This was when Ron Burgundy becomes blind and then raises a pet shark called Doby which finishes in Ron Burgundy singing an ode to Doby as he swims away which had me splitting my sides. The second sequence I found great to watch was basically a copy of the first film but went even more over the top and included even bigger cameos, I am of course talking about the incredibly intense news team fight at the end of the film. The cameos were amazing and the whole scene just made me laugh so much.


However compared to the first film it doesn’t have the same amount of classic moments and is much less quotable than the first. It was still funny though and brought back what worked in the first film and turned it up a notch while still adding new gags and taking the characters to new places. This film being not as good as the first one is not much of a criticism as the first film is so brilliant.

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