54 – Film Opening Task Introduction

We have now begun our film opening task. I have been paired with Thomas Oliver and together we are now planning for the film opening. Below is a video where we introduce the task and explain where will are thinking of heading for our own opening.

As mentioned in the video we also made a pitch in front of our media class where we discuss our idea for the film idea we have had as a whole film and not just the first two minutes.

We are now beginning the research and planning process for our film idea which will include writing a script, drawing storyboards and creating shooting scripts as well as thoroughly planning the costumes, locations, props and actors.

With our idea comes a lot of challenges as we have set the opening in the past which means that costumes are going to be a problem for us and we need to find a way to source costumes that look Victorian. Locations are less of a problem as we have access to a pub in the village that has a rustic aesthetic that will work fine for the opening.

Also as far as props go will we need a lot of drawings to be done however I am also an artist and I am prepared to draw some of these pictures for specifically for this production.

More will be discussed on this process but I am optimistic that we can create some unique and hopefully intriguing to watch.

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