59 – Uncle, The best BBC three comedy ever?

Uncle is a new bbc three comedy series that stars comedian Nick Helm as an inappropriate uncle of his nephew Errol. It comes from Baby Cow Productions who also produced Gavin and Stacey.

BBC three have disappointed me recently with poor offerings from Bad Education for it’s Christmas special have left a sour taste in my mouth and because of this when I saw the trailer for this series I was less than enthusiastic as I expected it to be just another cheap BBC three comedy.

But as you’ve already seen the title of this post it may seem quite obvious that I am about to say however and then go on about how great the show is in a series of paragraphs that describe different aspects of the show that I enjoyed. Well you know me too well and thus…

However this show is really original and wasn’t just funny to watch. The opening scene is surprisingly dark but this allows for character development and immediately creates empathy towards the character. The audience then want to see how this character can pick himself up from this extreme low point. This emotional sub plot really surprised me and it is great to see a comedy attempt to break a taboo like that. It’s really refreshing and adds another layer to the series.

Also the comedy chemistry between Erol and Andy is hilarious seen in the clip above. I couldn’t find the name of the actor who plays Erol but he gives a very strong performance considering he’s probably younger than I am and he manages to almost out stage Nick Helm which yet again was another surprise. I think I can strangely relate to this series a lot as Erol is basically me from 4 years ago. There’s real room for the relationship between the pair to grow as they go forward from being distant relatives. They have a great back and forth with each other as well which seems organic which makes the outrageous lines they both throw at each other just the more hilarious.

The series also takes advantage of Nick Helm’s musical ‘talent’ and features sequences where he’ll perform a typically bizarre song. These songs are just another unique selling point for the show and have a Family Guy esque feel to them. Like the following weird offering.

This series has a lot of gags but at it’s core is a heart warming unconventional uncle who wants to prove himself and does so by acting as a father figure to his nephew. It’s the best new comedy I’ve seen in the last year or so and the best one I’ve seen aired on BBC three in a while. I definitely recommend giving it a watch.

But wait the blog post doesn’t end there. As you may have noticed the title is a question, and not rhetorical so is Uncle the best BBC three comedy ever? Well I’ll make it clear that this is only concerning situation comedies and obviously this is all subjective. I believe Uncle does have the potential to be the channel’s best comedy so far, with tough competition from Gavin and Stacey and a personal favourite of mine Pram Face. I would probably say Gavin and Stacey is still at the top but I really believe the way Uncle is going and how original it is might be able to claim the top position. One of the main aspects keeping it behind is that it doesn’t have as many characters but in a way that’s one of it’s strengths as well as it allows all the focus to be on the two central characters so they’re relationship is developed in more detail.



One comment on “59 – Uncle, The best BBC three comedy ever?

  1. Gary says:

    brilliant loved it will there be another series!

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