62 – Outnumbered

Tonight there was a new series of the BBC comedy show Outnumbered which follows the lives of the Brockman family. I used to really enjoy this show as it was incredibly relatable and the kids in the show would come out with the weirdest comments and act so outrageously. However because the show seemed to rely on the younger characters, albeit great performances from Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner, this reliance turned the show into a ticking time bomb in the eyes of critics. I for one didn’t even think there was going to be another series but no the show is back for it’s last series.

So episode 1 aired tonight and it showed all the characters are back but with new hairstyles and in most case about 1 ft taller. What I found weird was how even though they haven’t been on TV for 2 years I felt myself fully engaged back into the series almost immediately. This felt even more natural than IT crowd’s return earlier in the year as in that return episode there was a slight air of awkwardness in the first few minutes. What makes this show so great though is that the core family unit feels very realistic and there are elements of the family that represent a part of my life. All of them are very convincing in their roles and manage to represent a very average family flawlessly and without parody or cliches.

I also felt very nostalgic while watching it as there are themes of the characters moving on through life and growing up which reminded me of how I’ve grown up. There was also quite a heartfelt father daughter chat at the end of the episode. All this made me personally feel very comforted and content.

If there’s one criticism I have though is that it was almost certainly not as funny as the previous series. It didn’t help that there wasn’t real much of a focus of the plot. It felt a bit like a segment of a story rather than an enclosed one in itself. This meant there was no room to get to a big punchline for the episode which would usually be present in previous episodes.

However I don’t care. It still made me chuckle and it was great to see how the cast had grown as they have grown up at a very similar age to my own family. This then made it more funny as there were moments in the episode where I was pointing at the screen saying “that’s just like me”. It has relatability to me that I haven’t quite felt since The Inbetweeners. It felt like I was going home to my family so I didn’t care if they didn’t make me laugh my ass off, like before, it was just nice to see them.


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