63 – Will 2015 still be the best year for films yet

2015 is becoming a very packed year for upcoming titles. Most of these titles being huge franchise sequels. If you name any of the major franchises over the last 20 years they most likely have a new film coming out in 2015. First there are the longer established franchises of James Bond re grouping Sam Mendez and Daniel Craig of the back of Skyfall for another film. Then there is Terminator and Jurassic Park getting a reboot/prequel/sequel and also Mission Impossible and Bourne are gearing up for another film. I actually quite liked Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol especially the skyscraper scene and I’ll watch pretty much anything with Simon Pegg in it so aslong as he’s back I’m in, the new Bourne film I’m less enthusiastic about unless Greengrass and Damon are returning.

Star_Wars_Logo.svg (1)

But of course the most beloved (or at least for it’s first trilogy) franchise returning in 2015 is Star Wars. Returning for it’s seventh film under new Disney management and helmed by J.J Abrams it’s back. After the backlash from fans for the prequels, which yet again I quite enjoyed but I don’t belong to the generation that loved the originals, there is a bit of apprehension about this film. However if anyone has seen J.J Abrams take on Star Trek then they’ll know that Star Wars is in very safe hands. This film will dazzle the audience and not just because of Abram’s lens flare fetish but because I am assured that Abram’s will reinvigorate the franchise and bring something new.


If there has been one massive movement in big box office successes in the last 5 years it would be the rise of superhero movies. The biggest player in this fight is Marvel and their Avengers and in 2015 the group are assembling again for Avengers Age of Ultron which is going to most likely make over a billion dollars. But also being released is Antman directed by one of my favourite directors Edgar Wright. It’s also starring Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd. As much as I like Edgar Wright’s films they have a rather bad track record of not making a lot of money in the states. Films like Scott Pilgrim vs the world which I thought was brilliantly inventive and quirky failed to make a profit which is an awful shame but I think with Kevin Feige, who is the godfather of Marvel’s films, will be able to steer this film to success.


Another comic book film coming from Fox is a reboot to Fantastic Four which I couldn’t be any less interested in so I’m going to immediately skip past. What I’m really gutted by is Batman vs Superman. This was the sequel to Man of Steel (which I still haven’t seen yet but I’m getting there) which was going to introduce Ben Affleck as Batman and see him and Superman played by Henry Cavill go head to head. Which I was really looking forward to but it’s been pushed back to 2016 now. Which is a scary thought as I might be at university by then. Actually I might have almost finished my first academic year at university.

Another Hunger Games film is coming out but I haven’t even watched the first two movies yet so I’ll have to catch up before then.


There are also loads of animated films being released including two spin off films from Madagascar and Despicable Me. Madagascar will spin off a film starring it’s penguins and Despicable Me are showcasing their Minions.  There is then just loads of sequels for Kung Fu Panda, Hotel Transylvania, The Smurfs, Alvin and the Chipmunks and Spongebob Squarepants. But what I have more faith in is Ted 2 as I loved the first Ted and a new Pixar movie called The Good Dinosaur. Pixar just roll out so many brilliant films that are great to watch for all ages and they have one of the best track records for a studio so I have enormous faith in this new film.

There could also be a new Pitch Perfect film and Adventures of Tin  Tin to look forward to. However if I was asked which film I was looking forward to the most I would have said Batman Vs Superman as I think Batman is such a great character for films but of course this is no longer in 2015. I think if J.J Abrams treats Star Wars in the same way as he did Star Trek then that film is going to be amazing so I will anxiously say that I’m most looking forward to that. However the year as a whole has so many sequels to well loved franchises, some of which like Bourne I’m getting less and less interested with but others like Bond I am excited to see where they go as Skyfall was amazing. So 2015 may not be the best year for films but it certainly has the most sequels and if they’re done right they could all be worth watching.

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