64 – Film Idents

An ident is a logo for a production company or studio that is usually shown at the start of a film and shows the name of the company(ies) behind the making of the film. These tend to be around 20 or 30 seconds long.

There are some incredibly iconic film idents which goes to show that studios can design them really effectively and with a particular ident at the start of a film there can be more expectations for a qood quality film. Many of the big production companies have kept their idents over the years as well and have been consistent as they know this ident acts almost like a quality stamp. The most famous idents have become extremely iconic and are well recognised by many people. However for the lesser known studios and production companies they’re idents can seem incredible generic which Family Guy makes a joke about in the following clip.

For our film opening we will create our own production company ident. I would like to make sure this ident isn’t generic which may be tricky and hopefully not as misleading as some of the logos in the Family Guy clip. Some studios have made really interesting idents that look great in their own right. One of my own personal favourites is Lionsgate who’s ident is below.

I think this has a really interesting look to it but with a soundtrack that doesn’t go over the top. It’s also more relevant to the name of the company than other idents. Also some times the ident is manipulated to suit the film better. A great example I remembered of this happening was with the ident for Universal in Scott Pilgrim vs the world which became 8 bit to match the real world meets video game theme throughout the film. This is below.

I think as our film opening is obviously a one off it would be best to make a film ident that has a sci fi feel to it and use a distinct feature to avoid being generic. If the ident is done well then it can have great potential. Maybe not in the scope of an A level media video but ah well.

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