66 – Locations


The picture above is of the White Hart Inn which is a fairly old fashioned looking pub with a vintage aesthetic. I also happen to live there. So obviously this location is incredibly accessible to me. This is handy for our production as it’s obviously set in victorian times. Luckily the inside of the pub keeps to this aesthetic. The main bar is seen below.


The easiest day to film in the bar is going to be the first monday of the half term which falls on the 17th of February. This is because the bar tends to be open from 12 onwards throughout the week. So to cause the least amount of disruption it seems logical to film on the monday where the bar doesn’t open till 5 o clock.

Some set dressing may be needed to do but this would just be simply covering some electric lights and moving some posters. Basically to avoid as many anachronisms as possible.

Also in the storyboards (which will be uploaded shortly) there is a sequence of shots at the beginning that depict the vicar character walking away from a church. Conveniently there is also a church in the village which is literally just up the road. A picture of which is below.

2012-08-09 09.21.10

There has been discussion in our group though on wherever or not to cut the church sequence from the film. However if we were to film it I think this church would be best but as an alternative there is Lincoln cathedral nearby which could make for a more imposing and more of a spectacle than this church. A picture of this is below.

2013-03-02 12.21.57

The intention of the church sequence was to quickly establish that the vicar is a religious character and to look up at a church in order to represent the idea of a high power and then shortly after to have a shot looking downwards at the vicar to show how little authority and power he has. In this case it would probably be more appropriate to use Lincoln Cathedral as it is physically much bigger and would therefore look a lot more imposing. However I am struggling wherever or not to keep in a shot like this as the religious aspect could easily be established through the costume of the vicar.


2 comments on “66 – Locations

  1. mediaatqegs says:

    Good bloggery Ben, as usual. You blend text and media pretty well (this post probably not the best example of that but you know what I mean). If I could push one thing at you – try and use a little more technical language; a post about your location/set really ought to at least mention mise-en-scene 😉
    Keep it up – looking forward to seeing your rushes soon.

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