67 – Test Shots

The setting of our film opening is in the victorian era which was easy when it came to locations for us because I have access to an old looking pub as said in the previous locations post. In preparation for the filming I took a few pictures of the interior of the building. The pictures below are of the hallway that enters the pub. This is where part of the scene is set. As you can see in these pictures there is a lack of objects that are modern. Except for a fire alarm and a few wires however we are deliberately going to avoid these in the shots to avoid anachronisms that would hurt the integrity of the film.

2014-02-14 10.02.00

We wanted a shot looking through this window because at the start of the opening we are trying to avoid close ups on the vicar’s face as we believe there is a convention of showing glimpses of the main characters before they’re face in many other films. So much so that I would go as far to say it is a convention across the majority of films that the main character is first shown in a very vague way and not directly (say a close up shot of a foot as they walk, or a very wide shot where they’re face isn’t quite visible) then a sudden reveal of the face will be done by a fairly close up shot. So by using this window we can obscure the main character for another couple of seconds as he enters the building. Also the glass will hide the fire alarm button by the main door which saves us a job covering it.

2014-02-14 10.03.22

2014-02-14 10.02.45

As far as the rest of the scene takes place we are using a long corridor upstairs and another room inside the pub to use as a bedroom.

We also wanted some outdoor shots however these may prove more difficult to avoid anachronisms as there may be cars or powerlines around the area. However we are lucky again in a sense as the village I live in is basically very quiet so we don’t need to worry much about cars going past.

I think the interior of the pub is quite an interesting area to film is as it’s been kept with a rustic look and there are some interesting features that we may take advantage of. For instance there is a peep hole that slides across on one of the doors which I think would make for a really interesting reveal of the father character so we may deviate from the storyboards (to be posted soon) and use an extreme close up of the peep hole instead.

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