68 – Filming Video Diary

This week we did the majority of the filming for our film opening. We did this on monday but since monday I have been away and spending time revising for mock exams so this post is slightly belated (as is the storyboard post which is coming soon, promise).

I’ll bring you up to date on what we’ve done so far. Ofcourse we began the exercise by making some preliminary blog posts and doing some research. This was then followed by scripting and storyboards. Then we approached the schools drama department who gave us some costumes. This brought us to half term.

So on Monday my trusty co director Thomas Oliver turned up at 10 o clock in the morning and we finished preparing my bedroom into our movie set. My cousin and my sister then came at 11 and we began shooting. After the shooting finished and everyone had left I started taking the set down. It was then when I realised I should probably make the most out of the set while I still had it. So I took a couple of extra shots on my own just in case we needed extra shots and filmed a video diary of my thoughts at the time. Which I’m sure you’ll be excited to know is below.

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