70 – Preliminary Exercise – Second edition

For our preliminary exercise we first shot the following clip however upon our teachers evaluating our clip we were told there some issues and they advised us to re shoot the clip. The clip below is our first attempt.

In our own evaluation of this version we noted that was clear audio problems and that the continuity was wrong at the start of the clip once it goes to an over the shoulder shot. In this shot the character was basically too far into the room and the continuity was therefore wrong.

Upon the teachers viewing they noted that there was a lack of match on action, or at least incredibly apparent match on action. Also they said some of the framing was a bit wrong and that certain shots needed to be closer to the characters and positioned differently. At the time we were a little bemused by these comments but on reflection they were true. We were then asked to redo the clip to correct the problems in this clip. So the following clip below is the second edition of the exercise. We were going to keep exactly the same script but we deviated from it slightly to add in a more creepy element purely for our own entertainment. Also we added in a few more shots in order to demonstrate match on action more effectively.

The start of the clip in this version is quite different which is hopefully apparent. We have added more shots with different angles at the beginning when the character opens the door so that the match on action is displayed in more detail. This involved matching the action from the door handle opening in a close up to a obscure close up on the other side of the door looking down slightly as it turns open and then finally to a wide shot from inside the room as the door finished turning. This demonstrates match on action much more apparently than the first clip so this was a definite improvement.

Also the sound problems have gone as we spent more time making sure the audio was at the right levels and no bit was too loud. Also there are no continuity errors as far as I am aware so all of the points we noted in our evaluation have been corrected.

The final key thing to change then was the framing and we tried to be more creative with how the shots were framed in this version. We achieved this by going for more close ups than before and being very scrutinous when it came to the compostion by sticking as much as possible to the rule of thirds for instance.

It wasn’t extremely deliberate but we also used a much better quality camera this time round. As before we had used a digital 200 pound camera, this time we used a DSLR (digital single lense reflex) which are far superior in definition so in general most shots looked much nicer than before. However at the time we didn’t actually know how to focus the lense so a couple of shots are out of focus which is a shame. Since though I have bought a Canon DSLR myself so I am now much more knowledgeable on how to work DSLR’s so this mistake should not happen again.

Overall I am really pleased with how the second version came out. It particularly demonstrates match on action much more effectively and still shows the 180 degree rule once the characters are facing each other and at the same point we used shot/reverse shot with over the shoulders and close ups. So I am glad we re-filmed as we have been left with a much better example of these rules and in general a better quality clip overall.

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