71 – Extra Curriculum Media and Marketing

Last year I bought a camera for use in Media and Art. The camera I bought was a DSLR Canon 600D.



This camera is so much better quality than any other camera I’ve had before. DSLR’s in general can achieve more than a compact digital camera which is what I’ve dealt with before albeit at the lower end of the cost spectrum. Also one of the main reasons I bought this camera over any other DSLR was that the LCD viewfinder screen can flip out from the back and spin round to different angles meaning you can shoot a film pointing at you and look at the screen at the same time in order to focus it or just manage the framing. In very basic terms this means you can take selfies with this camera. Money well spent!

Having this camera has allowed me to make more videos at home and spontaneously. Which has led to me developing my own youtube series where I go through revision topics. An example of this is below.

This has been really beneficial as it’s helped me develop more media skills as I am thinking about how to frame shots now on a regular basis and has helped me just do some revision for my other subjects. I hope that my style for these videos is fairly unique as I’ve tried to make the revision fun rather than laborious.


I was also commissioned (although not paid) to do a short assembly video for my form. I tried to make this a fun tongue in cheek sports show that focuses rather unclimatically on a school exam.

I got a lot of positive comments for this clip so it was a very rewarding experience. Both in the sense I got complemented for my work for a change and that I got more practice in film making.

This has opened my eyes to the potential to do more on youtube and to treat my youtube more as a business and think about how to market the videos to people. Obviously at the moment I’m not getting many views but I really want to improve. Some of the tips I’ve seen on the internet is to connect with as many other youtubers who produce similar content as possible, make good quality content and make sure the title’s and thumbnails are relevant and enticing. I hope that maybe through reassessing the content I’ve already put out and maybe joining some student forums I can promote my youtube channel more and in turn get more views.

This is not strictly what we study in media but it is important as marketing is a crucial factor in the media industry. A film could be the most incredible film ever made but without huge promotion and word of mouth it will not make money and that is what film studios essentially want. I’m sure studios love to make good films but what they really care about is making money. The marketing for a film can cost millions but if done correctly allows for a massive profit. Now youtube is almost like it’s own individual market where big views mean big cash but only if they have some form of promotion to begin with. I doubt my videos will ever get to big views but it’s a worthwhile exercise just to have a foray into the world of marketing and how difficult it can be.


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