72 – Minecraft the movie?



It was recently announced that Warner Bro’s have acquired the film rights to the increasingly popular PC game Minecraft. One of the producers from The Lego Movie is onboard for the film following the film’s huge success at the box office. In fact Minecraft is basically like a lego game with added monsters and with an even cruder art style so it doesn’t seem to coincidental that this news has broke straight after the Lego Movie’s success.

This does not mean though that a Minecraft movie is guaranteed and the film currently in development is in the very early stages as there isn’t even a screenplay written yet. The film could still never happen or be in development for years till it’s released.

I admit that I have played Minecraft but I played it when it was still in beta and it was relatively unknown. At the time I thought it was kind of fun to play but I still can’t really understand how it’s managed to become as successful as it is now. Over 14,390,291 have bought the game which just seems astonishing because of how unlike modern video games it is. For a start it’s more of an RPG game where there is no narrative and the key aim is to build a house to protect yourself from monsters and the graphics are from the ultra realistic graphical giants of Call of Duty. In fact the graphics are so awful that if the game wouldn’t be up to the quality of the worst Nintendo game. But now as it has grown in popularity now the film industry has to take advantage.


I really cannot see how a plot could be applied for a feature length film about this game. Even if the story was good they would have to present them in Mincraft visuals so any coherent plot would be washed out by the pixelated vomit that is the minecraft visuals. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh. On a laptop screen the minecraft visuals come across as quite quirky and fun, but I don’t believe they would look good on a huge cinema screen.

I think I could almost pick any other game that would have more potential to make a good movie. However if I had to pick a game/film adaptation that had potential to make money then I suppose because of Minecraft’s increased popularity there is more of a chance it will be successful in the box office. Although upcoming films for Assassins Creed have potential to be a great film and be successful at the box office. So overall I have low expectations for this film. Maybe if they just market it at children who can’t appreciate good films anyway then they’ll do fine.

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