75 – #DaveCalls and Obama on Between two ferns?

So last week during the rising tensions between America and Russia David Cameron tweeted a picture of himself on the phone to Barack Obama. Seen below.


You would think this rather serious image could not possibly lead anywhere. But we live in the internet age and this picture quickly became a meme. Many celebrities began imitating the image in new wacky scenarios including Graham Lineham, writer of Father Ted and The IT Crowd.


But possibly the peak of the celebrities jumping on board was Patrick Stewart who continued the sublime mocking of Cameron.


I bet he had a slippery connection. I shouldn’t try to make jokes. The climax of this meme for me though was the following picture which did a rather interesting ‘face’ swap.


So while the world were having fun mocking our prime minister, america’s president Barack Obama was appearing on Between Two Ferns, Zach Galifianakis awkward mock celebrity interview web series. The series has been running for a few years now under the mantle of Funny Or Die, Will Ferrel’s comedy video site. I had found the series myself a few months ago and found it absolutely hilarious. The last person I expected to appear on the show was though the President of the United States. In this interview they both traded quips and insults at each other in one of the funniest exchanges between a president and a comedian I’ve seen.


The surprise I had to this clip was only comparable to the moment Daniel Craig stood opposite the Queen for the olympics. Obama then goes on to make a plug about the United States health service. It’s a very rare moment for a incredibly powerful politician to appear on a web series. A web series that often includes a lot of immature humour, the following are some examples of the strange humour in the series in the form of a selection of gifs.



I imagine the main reasoning behind this is that Obama want’s to reach the younger people of America and make them aware of his new healthcare initiatives. Going onto a popular web series is a perfect way of achieving this and because of the shock factor it quickly started trending on Twitter and Facebook. It’s actually very clever marketing because it is so blatant but yet so hilarious and the ratio of humour to healthcare information is just perfect so that people are sharing this video saying it’s funny and inadvertently promoting Obama. It’s a refreshing way for a politician to spread a message and has been interpreted very positively, unlike David Cameron who’s been face swapped with an inanimate object. On that note I leave you with Bruce Willis.



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