Doc Martin Textual Analysis Regional Identity

Camera work:

Wide shots showing scenery allow contrasts from countryside to doc martin.

High angle shots used for plumbers and low angles for Doc Martin demonstrates his view that he is above them.

The younger plumber who starts to appear more subverted from stereotypes and talks about literature starts to get low angled shots during the revelation. Showing the change in expectations from the audience.



Doc Martin wears suit and appears more formal, fulfilling the intelligent city look and makes him look authoritive. The rest of the characters have more casual countryside attire. The plumbers are also dressed in messy overalls indicative of their manual labour job. Because of Doc Martin’s suit he is contrasted to the rest of the village and appears more neat and posh.

There is a strong west country accent that also contains non standard english for the village members compared to Doc Martin’s use of standard english and lack of any strong regional accent. This makes him appear more educated than the village members.


Sound Design:

There is a theme that directly follows the actions of Doc Martin and is seemingly only appropriate to his current state. There is no other music to accompany any other characters. This focuses the audience on Doc Martins character and allows them to emphasise with him more than any other character. This almost creates a bias against the other characters who are all from the region.

Folly sound effects of seagulls and general ambient countryside noises that highlights and exaggerates the countryside aspect. This adds context for the audience and allows them to realise that the people with the west country regional accent are the residents and Doc Martin is the odd one out.



Reaction shots for Doc Martin placed after almost all events in the scene. Adds more empathy towards character. Complete lack of reaction shots for villagers makes them seem less important in the plot and makes the audience have less empathy towards them.

Doc Martin also has the most screen time. Establishes him as main character against regional villagers.


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