2 – Looking onwards

This year I am writing this blog as part of Unit 1 of the course and it will describe the process I will go on as I in a group of other students plan, film and edit a 2 minute fictional film opening. This will include documenting the research and planning, the filming and editing and at the end evaluating the work that I have done.

For Unit 2 we will be focussing on textual analysis and institutions and audiences by sitting a 2 hour exam. Unlike GCSE the textual analysis will feature TV drama’s instead of films but follow a similar structure. Section B of the exam is the institutions and audiences which will involve case studies of a institution that produces films or television and possibly comparing that to something else but we will hear more about that part as we go through the course.

I am definitely most looking forward to the main exercise of creating the film opening as I have made some short films in the past for various things and also made a music video last year which has given me a lot of experience and helped me realise key factors that are important when producing short film clips. In the music video we made a few mistakes with lighting that were difficult to fix when it came to the editing which was one of my jobs within the group so this is something I will be considering more carefully when we start the task. I much prefer the idea of doing a film opening to a music video though as there is a bigger scope to be creative with the ideas and not have to follow the lyrics of the song.

I think Unit 2 will be more difficult but over the last 2 and a bit years I think I have improved at textual analysis and I have watched quite a few TV dramas so section A should be alright but I am yet to know quite how difficult section B will be but I am going to be optimistic about how it will be.