32 – RIP Brian Griffin


Family Guy is an American animation created by Seth Macfarlane over 10 years ago. Apparently Seth himself admits this is probably too long for a sitcom to be on the television and perhaps, after the success of his debut comedy film Ted and a planned sequel in 2015, he might just want to move on from the show now.

This may be important as on a very recent episode of the sitcom one of the main characters Brian Griffin, the talking dog in the show voiced by Seth, was quite bluntly and carelessly killed by a car. The clip can be seen below.

Brian Griffin was perhaps one of my favourite characters and the interactions between him and the formerly evil genius turned sexually ambiguous baby Stewie were some of the best moments of the show. There were several episodes that all started with “Road to” that only starred Brian and Stewie from the main cast, even the anniversary episode was exclusively Brian and Stewie.  So it comes as a bit of surprise to me that the producers of the show would propose this.


It has led me to the conclusion that the main reason this was on the show was as a desperate attempt to get attention and higher viewing figures. Which is definetly working as the phrase “Brian Griffin” was the most googled phrase on monday the 25th november with over 200,000 searches and also on the top 10 list of google searches was “watch family guy online” at number 10 on the list with over 20,000 searches. There has also been articles all over the internet including the BBC Newsbeat about the character. There is even an internet petition to bring back the character seen here http://www.change.org/petitions/seth-macfarlane-and-fox-broadcasting-company-bring-brian-griffin-back-to-family-guy with over 39,000 signatures.


After the death of Brian in the episode in an almost emotional final good bye, the family buy a new dog who called Vinnie who is italian and apparently voiced by someone from the Soprano’s. The new dog though is not as funny or original as Brian which means the series isn’t even really benefiting from the new character.

I hope that they wouldn’t have killed a major character just for increased viewing figures but if that was their desired effect then this blog post is just encouraging them. So in order to ammend this blog post I am ending it here.