14 – First Impressions of filming preliminary exercise

Over the last couple of days we started filming the preliminary exercise. Myself and other member of the group, Thomas were acting in the clip while Jess was the camera operator. We started filming the exercise in a certain room and only had time to do a couple of shots before the end of the lesson, this left us with the problem that when we tried to carry on the filming the room we were using had another class in it.

So instead we started filming again in the school hall. In fact I preferred the new location as it was a larger area which meant we could get more interesting wide shots. Also there was more light in the room which saves time in editing later however as my group found out during the GCSE music video task if there is too much natural light in the room then people can become almost silhouetted (I did want an effect similar to this though and once it had been edited, I enjoyed the final product). Also it is better for the short story that we created as the script follows an apocalypse inside the school and the wide area gave the scene a more visually imposing look, this gave us more opportunity to use wide shots in a dramatic way and fully make use of the space by placing the characters in the centre of the room.

One of the difficulties was moving the equipment across the room as the room is quite large. Also the largeness of the room gave problems with recording the audio as sounds tended to reverberate around the room, although we will see how much of an effect this has when it comes to editing the footage and audio files together.

For the shots between dialogue we chose to mix mid over the shoulder shots and close ups of each character. These will then be cut one after the over to create the shot reverse shot effect. In addition we only filmed from one side of the characters to fulfil the 180 degree rule. Match on action will be present when Thomas’ character walks across the room and when he opens the door to the hall. I think we used these effectively but it will be really hard to evaluate until we see the footage again and start cutting it together.

Overall the filming went quite well I think although we possibly could have done it in less time and considered the sound recording more. I am worried about how intense the light in the background was as well but yet again till the edit it was difficult to deem what it will finish up looking like.