17 – Iron Man

Iron man-1

So this month I got a free one month trial of love film. The first film I decided to order was the first Iron Man film directed by Jon Favreau and starring Robert Downey Jr.  Like Harry Potter it’s a film I’ve seen a couple of times before but not for a couple of years and since Avengers came out last year I have been wanting to revisit the film.

I couldn’t remember how much I liked the film and I was quite surprised at how exciting the first half of the film was. Where this film is at it’s best in my own opinion  is when Tony Stark, the arrogant hero is kidnapped at the beginning of the film and using bits and pieces of old weaponry inside a cave he constructs a metal suit to escape the cave. It seems like an impossible challenge and there are really high stakes for him in this act of the film. It’s a really cleverly written part and leads to the climatic couple of minutes where he breaks out and defeats his kidnappers.


The second act of the film is then Tony basically improving upon the first suit and trying to change himself from a weapons dealer to a super hero. There are some funny moments but there is a lack of action aside from a small scene where he rescues a middle eastern village and gets pursued by fighter jets which was pulled off fairly well.

However for me it’s the third act of the film that let’s it down and one plot element. The main villain is quite boringly revealed to be Tony’s business partner which comes as no shock to the audience at all. He then uses weird un-plausible technology to attack Tony then while he is paralyzed he rips Iron man’s battery thing out of him and leaves him to die. But why wouldn’t he while he has Tony powerless just steal Tony’s iron man suit, he knows Tony has the suit, and while he is paralyzing him he could have asked him to take him to the suit and then steal it. It doesn’t make sense that he would spend time and money on developing his own suit when he can overpower Tony so easily. It’s obvious that the villain was simply there to create his own suit and then to have a suit battle with Tony to finish the film.


The third act in itself is kind of cliched and boring compared to the mediocre second act and just futile compared to the creative and original first act. I’ve noticed that this trend also applies to Iron Man 3 which I saw earlier this year, the first half of that film is really awesome but then it lets itself become ridiculous in the second half of the film, it deconstructs the interesting and intimidating villain of the mandarin and brings in absurd iron man plot hole robots to save the day. I may vent out more hatred and disappointment towards iron man 3 in a later blog post though.

Anyway next on the love film order list is Iron Man 2 which I’m looking forward to but even more so is the next order after that which I think is Thor, which I have not seen before but it is apparently quite good so I am really excited to see it. This is all part of a marvel cinematic universe binge I’m starting at the moment while I hold off finishing the Harry Potter series. I just cannot be bothered with Goblet of Fire, I don’t know why I just don’t like it as much as some of the others.

If you want to watch a really disappointing super hero movie that isn’t Iron Man 3 try watching The Dark Knight Rises, just be careful of all the plot holes.