36 – Why am I uninterested in PS4 and XBOX ONE?

This week the latest game consoles came out, however I couldn’t say what day they did because I am really uninterested. This is true across the majority of my year group in school as I have heard only a select couple of people even mention the consoles. This could just be down to the year group growing up and generally becoming less interested in gaming. This is at least true for me as the disappointment I had from GTA 5 (the whole game is still awaiting several updates which keep being delayed and I have simply become disinterested) has deterred me from buying any other games as I fear that I will just not get the money’s worth from them. But even so there are a few things that really bug me about these new consoles.


Why on EARTH is the new xbox called the Xbox one, who came up with that rubbish? It doesn’t even make sense. In a world of technology where the number at the end of a product usually indicates wherever or not its the newest model (i.e. PS1,PS2,PS3, and then PS4 is the latest model, or Iphone, Iphone 2 etc shows which Iphone you have bought) isn’t calling it one just confusing the consumer. It’s another stupid gimmick that Microsoft seem to be so obsessed with doing for no real reason.


I remember seeing fake pictures of what the PS4 would supposedly look like a few years ago and the design was see through and the controller was all futuristic. This and more speculation of how gaming could develop into even more detailed and immersive gameplay this I suppose made my expectations unachievable. But even so, their seems to be little real selling factor to these new consoles, they basically have the same hardware as a current decent gaming computer (albeit for a slightly cheaper price, although with extra charges for online play and in the xbox one’s case for a gimmicky kinect that increases the price and you can’t decide not to have it). There is no distinct feature that these consoles have over a computer. All the additional features seem to aim towards social media which they have branded across the controllers and all over the OS. The PS4 has the only real advantage as it is more affordable than the equivalent gaming computer so there is at least a bit of sense in buying one of these consoles if you get the PS4.


For some strange reason Xbox decided that even though most people play their consoles through a television (that most likely has inbuilt digital television, as it is after all a TELEVISION) that it would be great to add television to their system, so you can watch television on your xbox via your television instead of just watching television. Yet again another stupid gimmicky feature that is neither wanted or useful.


Don’t think I am just aiming this towards xbox though, Playstation is just as bad. Most of Sony’s promotion for the PS4 was basically waiting till Microsoft screwed up a feature then smirking and telling everyone that they don’t have that feature. The main reason though that I seem more disinterested with the Xbox though is that they are charging around 100 pound more for a machine that looks like a tacky 10 pound dvd player that has totally useless television features and gimmicky non negotiable kinect and voice controls that no one wants unless they’re mental and enjoy talking to household objects on a daily basis.

Also where are all the enticing exclusive games that are meant to inspire us to buy the consoles? The only games I find that interesting are Watch Dogs which is not exclusive to either console and Battlefield 4 which is also not exclusive to either console.

One thing you can give the consoles is that they are improved from their previous versions. If I was to buy one of them I would get the PS4 as for the hardware you get it is actually a reasonable price and Sony appear to have actually focuses the console on actual gaming. The xbox one to me is a step too far, anyone who buys one is wasting around 100 pound in my view, unless of course their television is broken and need a new way to watch televison. The PS4 is a cheaper alternative to a gaming computer though, but as I don’t play many video games at all and I only really use my current PS3 as a blu ray player I for one will not be buying one.