20 – Captain America goes forward in time and Wolverine goes back

So in the last week or two there have been two new trailers for upcoming superhero films. The first of them being Captain America The Winter Soldier and the second being X – Men Days of Future Past.

I have to admit that I haven’t even seen the first Captain America film but this film looks AWESOME. This film looks action packed and the story looks epic.

Most of the other marvel films have a distinct tone, Thor is a fantasy, Iron Man is a sci-fi but this film looks like it might be a bit more grounded in reality. It reminds me a bit of The Dark Knight Christopher Nolan series as it looks more realistic and the costume design of Captain America even looks a bit similar to the Batman costume. The colour palette of the trailer is made up of black and greys much like The Dark Knight as well.

It is possibly then because of my love of The Dark Knight (and only the Dark Knight, not The Dark Knight Rises) that makes me really want to see this film.

Also there seems to be much more of Samuel L Jackson and Scarlett Johanson who both kicked ass in The Avengers. I don’t know how I feel about Chris Evans himself yet but he looks solid in the trailer and I am really interested in seeing how he deals with the transition to the modern world.

The film is being released next year and is being directed by Anthony and Joe Russo.

However the trailer which caught my attention as well was the trailer for X – Men Days of Future Past.

The premise of this film is that the original X – Men cast and the new prequel cast from X – Men First Class are going to be in the same film together and the Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman is going to be sent back in time probably to prevent some disastrous apocalyptic situation in the future with the giant robot sentinels. It’s the stellar cast which is what is going to make this film awesome, the still in the trailer where Patrick Stewart is in the same shot as James McAvoy both playing the same character looks so amazing.

Maybe I’m bias because I love any fiction with time travel involved so the concept of having time travel with mutants really excites me. There also seems to be a really complex emotional side to this film which looks really in depth and not just an excuse for using both sets of casts.

X-Men Days of Future Past is being released next year and has been directed by Bryan Singer who directed the first two X-Men movies which were well received by fans and critics.

Out of the two trailers I probably prefer the captain america one just because it looks more awesome and more of a big visually exciting film. However I much prefer the concept of the X-Men film I just didn’t enjoy the trailer as much.

For a bit of comic relief the Anchorman sequel had a new trailer released recently which is hilarious and I REALLY cannot wait for that film. Oh and yes I understand the thumbnail look’s pretty dodgy.