58 – First Draft of Script

In this post is the first draft of the script we are planning to use for our film opening. To make this script we used a free website called Writer Duet. This allows 2 or more writers to collaborate on scripts together but all changes are made in real time. This was a really useful site for us to use as it allowed us to both contribute to the script and discuss any changes we were considering at the same time and efficiently apply these changes.

henge-1 henge-2

One of the main difficulties with writing this first draft was deciding what scenes and events were absolutely necessary to the plot. I believed when we first tried to write it we were trying to include too much and we needed to streamline it more so that we’re not trying to fit too much into 2 minutes. I think more changes are still needed to be made but due to Writer Duet we can continue to edit the script as a team and decide what needs to be changed.