12 – Shot list

So currently I have been put into a group of 3 and we have written up a shot list and are producing a storyboard to plan out each individual shot that will feature in the finished exercise. We decided to order the shots so to make the best use of the time. So any shots that are roughly in the same area or pointed in the same direction are grouped up in the list.

Shot List:

Mid shot Looking out from door window as Thomas walks into frame

Wide shot Looking at door from inside room as Thomas opens the door

Wide shot Opposite direction to previous shot. Establishes the room and introduces Ben sitting down at the table.

Wide shot over the shoulder as Thomas looks at Ben

Wide shot of room, Thomas slams the desk

Mid Shot Thomas closes the door

Mid Shot Thomas: “What are you sitting here for?”

Mid shot close up of Ben turning round to look at Thomas

Mid shot of Ben: “Just having a cup of tea.”

Mid shot over the shoulder Thomas: “Haven’t you seen what’s going on?”

Wide shot ‘Coffee’s POV’ Thomas: “It’s Armageddon.”

Close up of Thomas’ face Thomas: You idiot. People are dyeing outside.”

Mid shot over the shoulder Ben: “No I’ve been here all lunch.”

Mid shot tracks Thomas as he stands up

Close up Ben: “I had no idea why haven’t I heard about this?”

Wide shot from outside the room looking through window, ‘shaky/handheld’ Thomas walks down and sits in seat.