38 – My Top 5 Favourite Sitcoms

Before I begin the list I have a few mentionable series that should have been in this list. These include Spaced which I am loving to watch at the moment but I don’t think I’ve seen enough of the series yet to place it on this list. Also Fresh Meat, Bad Education, The Thick of It, The Royle Family, The Office (the original UK version), Not Going Out, Cuckoo and Friday Night Dinner are all great and I do feel slightly guilty for choosing the following show instead of one of them.
So lets begin.

5. Family Guy

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Family Guy is an american animated sitcom that is broadcast on BBC Three in the UK. This is one of my favourite sitcoms however in later series the comedy isn’t as consistent. Although some episodes are ridiculously funny and make up for some of the worst episodes. The show often features incredibly controversial humour, often random cutaway gags and the odd musical number. One of the criticisms of the show is that it appeared to copy the Simpsons, but what Family Guy did in my eyes was take the principle of the Simpons but add that extra layer of adult humour which when combined with the childish cartoon presentation makes an even funnier program.

4. Father Ted

Father Ted was a channel 4 sitcom written by Graham Lineham. The series follows three priests and their housekeeper. This series involves often bizarre humour and makes a quiet joke about priests and their role but also features crude humour and completely original characters. Every episode is hilarious and I only wish they had made more of them.

From here on in every sitcom is channel 4, however other channels do make great comedy it’s just channel 4 more often than not seem to broadcast comedy that appeals to me the most.

3. Peep Show
Peep Show, a sitcom about two blokes who share a flat. Somehow this formula has lasted for over 10 years and unlike Family Guy it hasn’t dipped in quality. The series was written by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain who also created Fresh Meat. Peep Show is filmed in a rather unique way as the majority of the shots are done in the perspective of the characters in the scene with voice-overs of what the character is thinking over the top, a technique that I myself haven’t seen used anywhere else and allows the audience to become more connected to the characters. It takes a bit of getting used to but it’s worth it as David Mitchell and Robert Webb are great in it and the series overall is brilliant. 2014 will see the 9th and final series air on channel 4, for a british tv show to have that many series is rare and if you want to know why just watch an episode.

2. The IT Crowd

The IT crowd should probably have got my number 1 slot. This is another Graham Lineham comedy and is just as funny as Father Ted. I slightly prefer this series to Father Ted however as it has more pop culture references and feels a lot more current. This series has rocketed it’s cast to stardom, namely Chris O’Dowd who has gone onto star in bigger budget american films and Richard Ayaode who has directed his own film Submarine in 2010. This show has so many classic moments that it’s hard to pick out it’s best. The series really is a gem.

1. The Inbetweeners
I admit, this isn’t the best written show on television, maybe not even on this list but this series is incredibly relatable for me. The series focuses on the lives of four boys in a british six form. So obviously the events of the series hit very close to home and this is why it has earned the top spot. All of the characters feel very familiar as they have really captured the attitudes of young adolescents and the social struggles that people of my age can go through. The series was so popular it went on to have a follow up feature film which became the most successful british comedy film of all time and a sequel set in Australia is now in the works.